Headphones & Ear Buds

If you wear Hearing Aids

If you wear hearing aids please check your app for your hearing aids as some can connect directly to Bluetooth with your computer

Headphones for 2 Users

Connect by Bluetooth, Wireless

Perfect for one on one or working with two clients for video use.
Robust transmitter should work well in al facilities. Amazon, 30 Day return with Prime.

Headphones for Larger Groups of 4+


Perfect starting set for a group of 4 that is expandable to your needs.
Long lasting batteries on all units.
Attach to a laptop and play A-Life Radio or A-Life.Link videos for a group. Increase headphones as needed.

Wired Headphones using phono plugs

(plugs into a ‘audio jack’)

Wired USB Headphones

(Plugs into Tablet or Computer)

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Connects to tablets and computers without wires.

Wireless Buetooth Ear Buds
Do not use if you have hearing aids

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