A-Life is powerful custom entertainment for those living with Alzheimer’s. Wearing headphones users can  hear frequencies that can help cognition.

A-Life is a non-pharmaceutical approach to increased cognition.

Morning Hike 05:19 | 40 Hz Embeded Binaural Beat Video

Membership includes Activities

Memory challenge activities that can be performed while listening to A-Life Radio help to relieve boredom and possibly increase cognition.

With headphones on and A-Life Radio playing, check out the below activities:

Tic-Tac-Toe: This is the classic game online. Whether you are a beginner or pro pick your level of difficulty and have fun.

Memory Match: We choose topics that are familiar and recognizable in photos. Kitchen Utensils is a great example of everyday items can spark memories.

Word Search: From simple to very hard A-Life’s Word Search will keep your mind focused

Multiple Choice Quiz, Fill in the blanks will keep your brain working hard while you have fun.

Interactive Video: These videos ask you about what you are watching. You cannot be a passive viewer, participate.

Sighted: We even provide a set of crossword puzzles than can be printed out. Sit back and enjoy A-Life Radio on a cell phone with headphones.  No need for a computer.

A-Life adds new content every couple of weeks so you can be sure there will be something new when you want to play games.

Photo Magazines
Capture Attention & Spark Memories

Smile & Feel Good Today

A-Life Photo Magazines are automatic page turning books. Choose a magazine icon and watch the cover open.  Once the magazine cover opens the pages turn  every 8 seconds. Typical Photo Magazines have about 50 images. Each book runs for about 6-10 minutes. Photo Magazines change every month.

Listening to A-Life Radio while watching the magazines is an engaging activity.  Word Search, Memory Match and Tic-Tac-Toe offer additional activities that work well with A-Life Radio to increase cognition.

Highly Engineered Audio & Visually Enhanced Videos

Those living with Alzheimer’s benefit from using Binaural Beat Technology. Binaural beats have been proven through multiple research studies to be a promising way to help bring a higher level of cognition to those living with Alzheimer’s.
A-Life.Link has used binaural beat technology in all of our video and radio productions. We consider it a brain massage. Who doesn’t like a massage?

It is not only sound that helps. A-Life’s Cortex Videos are a unique way to deliver both auditory and visual 40 Hz frequencies with entertainment. Later in 2022 10 Hz and 6 Hz videos will be available.

If you are Epileptic or are sensitive to flashing lights please consult with your physician before using our Cortex Videos. For those not bothered by the flashing light, both the light and sound sync together along with the viewers brain waves.

Soon to be released Interactive BBT Videos walks the viewer through multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks and other memory challenges within the video and keeps score to track your improvement.

A-Life Radio may get you & everyone else dancing.

A-Life Radio may get you & everyone else dancing, it’s that powerful.

We play classical  jazz, contemporary, classical, rock (without blaring guitar solos), poetry, short stories all with BBT.
No annoying ads or volume increases.
A-Life Radio is available to everyone and plays 24 hours a day commercial free.

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Easy Word Search
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