Our mission is to offer a path out of boredom to increased cognition and a tool for caregivers using light & cognitive entrainment along with entertainment. Activity Center of those living with Alzheimer’s and for those who want to keep their memory sharp.

A-Life offers specially enhanced videos and radio along with memory games.

A-Life is pleasant, fun and engaging with 40 Hz binaural beat technology to sharpen cognition.  No plots or characters just associative imagery with adjusted color temperature and lighting.  No secret sauce just good science.

Binaural beats are not a cure to Alzheimer’s or any memory-loss. The site is a Caregiver’s tool and so best suited to make decisions about the use of  Those that feel their memory is waning may also benefit.

To make sure the BBT is effective please choose headphones that cup around the ear with cushion.  Be sure to check on the position of the headphones ao they are comfortable and the cushions are sitting around the ear.

Listening to videos or A-Life radio for 30 minutes to 120 minutes daily for two weeks may improve cognition.

We offer a full refund within 15 days of purchase.

We offer several activities for online and offline use.


Sometimes we all need a break from computer screens, so we have Printable Crossword Puzzles and Word Search challenges and the answers print.


Our videos are highly engineered for audio with binaural beats technology at 40 Hz. The Cortex Videos use a 40 Hz pulsating light along with 40 Hz audio. Our  Photo Magazines have familiar themes and are automatic page turners.

Relax & Listen

A-Life Radio is a free radio station offering 24 hours of music, poetry and storytelling with BBT running in the background.  This makes A-Life Radio ideal for listening to while watching Photo Magazines or playing some of the memory games. New media and games are added biweekly.

BBT, Binaural Beat Technology is a non-pharmaceutical option for those living with Alzheimer’s.

Binaural beats are produced by listening to two isochronic tones of differing frequencies.  The difference of those two frequencies can create 40Hz, 10Hz and 6Hz outputs as well as others. currently only uses 40 Hz.

A-Life Radio embeds a 40 Hz Gamma Binaural Beat in music and stories.  You may hear a hum that fades into the background in 5-10 minutes.  Binaural beats are not harmful but if you are sensitive to lfashing or strobe lights, or an Epileptic you should consult your physican before using our website.

A-Life Radio music has been edited specifically for those living with Alzheimer’s.

In the background we use BBT at 40Hz.  You can sometimes hear it between songs, it is a low steady tone. Most users tune it out after a few minutes.

You must wear headphones or ear buds for BBT to work. Without headphones, the radio and videos will still entertain without BBT.

The resolution of  our videos are 2K to make the bandwidth easier for some older computers and slower internet speeds.

We suggest you check with your manufacturer’s specifications and their customer service for more information. See how your home setup responds to our content by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

Our purpose is to focus on entertainment with entrainment not just the audio frequencies alone.  The rhythm of music with the videos and on A-Life Radio are in line with studies where rhythm has shown to be beneficial by itself.

Sample videos, photo magazines & commerical free A-Life Radio

Put on your headphones to complete the experience.

Sample some of the content available to A-Life Members.  See how integrated the binaural beats are with videos and radio.  Sample the page turning photo magazine Smile & Feel Good.  Just click on it and it starts itself by opening the cover in 8 seconds.  Then every 8-seconds a page turns even if you forget to click.

Put on your headphones and watch a video or listen to A-Life Radio.  Both have a 40Hz frequency, a low tone in the background.  Listeners quickly forget about the tone.  Binaural beats are also used at different frequencies to help people meditate or sleep.  Those videos are in production and included with membership.

Remember, BBT will not work without headphones, two speakers will not accomplish the correct frequency.

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