Alzheimer’s Research Study Shows Positive Results for Removing Amyloid-β and Tau Accumulation Using Acoustic Technology

This study basically shows that GENUS (gamma entrainment using sensory stimuli) could produce a protective neuronal effect for neurons in the visual cortex and decrease amyloid levels in the visual cortex (V1) of specific mouse models if used daily.

More research that shows using acoustic technology as a non-pharmaceutical approach to reducing AD or alleviating some of the multiple problems while reducing neuronal degeneration and amyloid production are important steps forward. This research brings us closer to developing a modality to apply this process quickly to people to help reduce the effects of AD. It may not be a cure and the idea is in it’s infancy but it would be a cost effective solution and easy to implement. A-Life Radio is transmitting acoustic technology right along with calming music. If headphones are worn the user can take advantage of the acoustic engineering.

A-Life has been creating content and adding acoustic technology at 40 Hz as well as other frequencies to help increase cognition & clarity. Our Lightbox videos will eventually be organized into a GENUS video page that use light entrainment along with acoustic technology and other frequencies are their own page that we feel are useful for those living with AD.

It is exciting to see the research done by others having such positive results.

If you are interested in reading the summary and study in Neuron:
Open ArchivePublished:May 07, 2019DOI:

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