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Cognitive Entrainment

A-Life is helpful for activities for those living with Alzheimer’s at home or in memory-care.

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Member Update   

We were very happy to find this article that supports our work here at A-Life.  Research using acoustic technology has been going on since 2004.   Some of the relevant studies to A-Life are on our Science page.  A recent article confirms the work of earlier research and has some interesting achievements in their research.  We are posting the link so you may review at your own pace.  The study shows that GENUS ((gamma entrainment using sensory stimuli, or GENUS) worked on mouse models for lowering inflammation and moving neurons to a less degenerative state, improving synaptic function, enhancing neuro-protective factors, and reducing DNA damage in neurons while also reducing inflammatory response in microglia (that regulate neuronal networks and repair injuries).


Article| Volume 102, ISSUE 5, P929-943.e8, June 05, 2019

Gamma Entrainment Binds Higher-Order Brain Regions and Offers Neuroprotection

Open ArchivePublished:May 07, 2019DOI:

The FAQ page can answer some basic questions about A-Life.Link and how it works.

Are you a memory-care center or Alzheimer’s unit?  A-Life is offering annual scholarships to four groups for participation in our current review of content.  Contact us for details.

We are so excited to offer a residential solution for A-Life Radio and our Video users.
Under ‘Login’ in the menu there is now a page called ‘Headphones’. These are Amazon products. Nicknamed a ‘Silent Disco’ the units include Bluetooth headphones and a transmitter capable of connecting to several users at once.  The units have great batteries that last for days.  We have listed a two headphone & transmitter package and one set that includes 4 – Bluetooth headphones that can be expanded up to 10 users.  The page also has several types of headphones, wired, Bluetooth and USB that are appropriate for single users as well as work with differing budgets.

We’ve been working in the background adding a new feature for A-Life users. Come back to A-Life for news.

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